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The Law of Momentum

Social and even spiritual progress is generally characterized by  a dissatisfaction with the status quo and some anticipated hope in the future.  This generally requires a depreciation of  current ideas,  thoughts, and practices in order to establish credibility to new ones. Paul never depreciate the law and prophets.  Quite to contrary, the apostle builds upon historic traditions.  Henry Ford did not devalue the horse and buggy as a strategy to introduce the horse-less carriage. To discredit history can be risky since some very significant information can be lost.   It is profitable to integrate the past with the future.  In essence, history needs to speak to the future and the present need listen.  This is possible is several perspectives are kept in mind:

  • full counsel-hold all truth simultaneous and not specialize in one dimension

  • transcendence-communication beyond our doctrinal and practical  borders

  • endurance-a consciousness of finishing the journey

  • foundation-a connection between historic and present truth

  • long range-consciousness of history and the future

These perspectives are indispensable for a profitable journey.

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