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Benefits, Incentives and Opportunities

All members with the ICCC will receive the following incentives and opportunities: 

Affiliated Membership Benefits with the ICCC


Educational and Professional Development:

  • Training: Access to the ICCC’s resources to support and help develop effective ministry leadership. 

  • Continuing Education: Opportunities to participate in meetings, seminars, conferences, and online events aimed at equipping members with skills for Kingdom impact and leadership excellence.

  • Ministry Guidance: Access to biblical guidance and advice from seasoned ministry professionals, particularly in times of uncertainty.


Networking and Relationships:

  • Strategic Networking: Opportunities to develop meaningful relationships with established figures in the ministry, fostering mutual learning and support.

  • Collaborative Opportunities: Participation in various events that facilitate the exchange of ideas, strategies, and visions across ministries.

  • Global and Local Partnerships: Engage in missions and initiatives both locally and globally, enhancing the reach and impact of your ministry efforts.


Community and Support:

  • Covenant Relationships: Building strong, value-driven relationships characterized by love, unity, integrity, honesty, and mutual respect.

  • Cross-Pollination: Collaborate and share resources with other ministries to enhance service delivery and achieve shared goals.


Access to Resources:

  • Digital and Live Resources: Benefit from a range of resources including internet postings, livestream teachings, and participation in seminars and institutes provided by the ICCC.


Member Responsibilities:

  • Ethical Standards: Members must uphold high moral and ethical standards in their personal and professional lives.

  • Participation: Active participation in ICCC's meetings and events is encouraged.

  • Support: Members are expected to provide financial support to help ICCC's initiatives both locally and globally.



Affiliate Membership

The Affiliate Membership with the ICCC is open for all Fivefold Ministers of the Gospel, Christian para-church ministers and Christian marketplace leaders, as well as individuals and Christian believers who represent a Christian church organization which has been duly registered in accordance with the laws of the state or nation in which it functions and who are in spiritual agreement with the vision and government of the ICCC. 


Local churches, prayer fellowships, charismatic groups, Christian ministries or other individual bodies, regardless of whether or not they are members of a larger fellowship, are also eligible for Fellow Membership.


Annual Membership fee $500

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