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Become a Member!

Benefits, Incentives and Opportunities

All members with the ICCC will receive the following incentives and opportunities: 

  • Member Certificates

  • Access to ICCC resources to aid in developing and maintaining successful ministries

  • Aiding in carrying out the vision, mission, purpose, and initiatives of ICCC

  • Participating on various committees when requested

  • Possible participation in various meetings, seminars, and conferences 

  • Developing meaningful, working relationships with seasoned, proven ministry gifts in the body of Christ

  • Receiving biblical guidance, advice, and relationships in times of uncertainty

  • Establishing covenant relationships built upon the traits we value the most: love, unity, integrity, honesty, and mutual respect

  • Partnering together in life-changing conferences and seminars and online events that build the local church and equip leadership for Kingdom impact

  • Participating in training that will equip the Fivefold Ministries, para-church ministries, ministers of the Gospel, marketplace ministries, etc. to serve with Kingdom excellence. 

  • Cross-pollinating with other ministries, exchanging ideas, strategies, and vision

  • Partnering in missions locally and globally

  • Partnering together in gatherings that will impart vision and affect strategies for local churches and global ministries

  • Receiving ministry through training, seminars, institutes, internet postings, livestream teaching and other ministry opportunities provided by the ICCC



Affiliate Membership

The Affiliate Membership with the ICCC is open for all Fivefold Ministers of the Gospel, Christian para-church ministers and Christian marketplace leaders, as well as individuals and Christian believers who represent a Christian church organization which has been duly registered in accordance with the laws of the state or nation in which it functions and who are in spiritual agreement with the vision and government of the ICCC. 


Local churches, prayer fellowships, charismatic groups, Christian ministries or other individual bodies, regardless of whether or not they are members of a larger fellowship, are also eligible for Fellow Membership.


Annual Membership fee $300

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