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Eternity In Our Heads

There was a time when we were so heavenly minded that we were of no earthly good.  We were so preoccupied with the great catching away, angelic visitors, and streets of gold that we neglected any concern for this world.  There was enough Biblical information to support our theology of escape and “otherliness.”  For example, the apostle John admonished us to not love this world nor the things that are in the world ( 1 Jn. 2:14).  The apostle Paul  presented the idea that the things that are seen are temporary and the things that are unseen are the source of all that is seen ( Rom. 1:20).  However, with the revival emphasis on the Kingdom of God, global evangelism, and cultural discipleship there has come a most interesting paradigm shift.  We have become so earthly minded that we have lost consciousness of  eternity.   Our preoccupation with influencing the kingdoms of this world and establishing powerful earthly ministries  has almost silenced the thought of heavenly things.   Perhaps  heaven and eternity might be two needful topics to include in our preaching and teaching agendas.   

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