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​A Spiritual Controversy

In 1999, I wrote a booklet entitled When Prophecies Fail. It was my response to the end-time mania and a preoccupation with a new millennium. Predictions regarding the disruption of life on this planet and a possible second coming of Christ were prevalent. The marketing of fear, ignorance and uncertainty provoked people to build bunkers and fortify them with food, water and other supplies. However, when none of the predicted events occurred, efforts were made to explain the failed prophecies. There was the idea that the prophecies came to past spiritually but not naturally. Many claimed that the words of their predictions were misunderstood and some cited the resistance by spiritual powers. The year 2020 is being characterized by a pandemic, political election controversy and prophecy. As of this moment, many predictions regarding the election have not been correct. Efforts to explain the spiritual failure have been similar to the ones mentioned in my booklet, When Prophecies Fail. Must be remembered that personal prophecy is always conditional and a mixture between the human and Divine. The conditions may require repentance and a turning away from certain practices. The mixture may be the infusion of personal beliefs and doctrines with the prophecy. Consequently, personal prophecy should be judged to determine its source, content, and intent. False prophecies and false prophets are not synonymous for there can be the former without the latter. Time is a revealer.

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