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Mission and Purpose

ICCC Mission Statement

The ICCC is a gathering of global Christian leaders for dialogue and clarity, for excellence in Spirit-empowered proclamation, and demonstration of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God through His Church to impact the world.


Uniqueness of Purpose of the ICCC

  • The ICCC is both a legal corporation and a spiritual fellowship. The foundational guidelines for our work and practices are established in the Holy Scriptures of the Christian Bible, both Old and New Testaments.

  • The ICCC espouses, preaches, teaches and practices the co-equality and co-essentiality of both men and women in the Body of Christ, in Christian life and leadership both in the church and in the marketplace. 


  • The ICCC believes that Christ gives the gifts and callings to men and women in the church to empower the Body of Christ to function as He intended as His agent of salvation in the world. These gifts are not hierarchal, but functional, working together as needed to bring people to the unity of the faith and maturity in Christ. 

  • ​The ICCC includes all generations, old and young alike. The leadership and membership of the ICCC include the zeal and relevant creativity of younger leaders as well as the wisdom and experience of older leaders in the Body of Christ.  


  • The ICCC is committed to and practices a Functional Plurality in leadership and all committee work. All discussions, decisions and actions of the ICCC are conducted with the multitude of counsel with equal standing, input and respect, knowing that the Presiding Bishop has the final rule on all decisions and actions of the ICCC.

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