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Statement of Ministerial Oversight

The International Communion of Charismatic Churches



When Bishops, Pastors and Ministers outside of the International Communion of Charismatic Churches join with our ministry in terms of Networking or requesting Credentials for Ministry, it becomes incumbent upon us to clarify our understanding of “Ministerial Oversight.” When the Board of Directors and the College of Bishops of the ICCC are asked to give oversight to a bishop, pastor or a ministry, it means we provide the following ministry services:


  1. The ICCC provides orientation and exposure to the mission and spirit of the ICCC.

  2. The ICCC provides Biblical standards for ethics and morality in ministry.

  3. The ICCC becomes a resource of ministry “how to’s” in the form of publications, tapes, videos, conferences and workshops.

  4. The ICCC provides Biblical counsel on a personal or church-wide level as requested and as time permits.

  5. The ICCC will be personally available and accessible for dialogue and interaction as time permits.

  6. The ICCC recognizes and discerns levels of gifts and callings and provides credentials as appropriate.

  7. However, bishops, pastors and heads of ministries must allow the Holy Spirit to be the Executor of their individual ministries. The International Communion of Charismatic Churches in no way assumes authority over them personally or over their ministries except that which is mutually understood to be for the intent of Biblical counsel and admonition.

  8. It must be clearly understood that when the International Communion of Charismatic Churches gives oversight to a ministry, pastor or bishop, it is strictly for the intent of providing availability of spiritual eldership and Biblical counsel. We have no legal or moral responsibility over a bishop, pastor or ministry. Each person who Networks with or seeks Credentials from the ICCC is personally, financially, morally and legally responsible before the Lord for his/her own decisions and conduct. 

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